Your Journey to Cloud or Data Center

Atlassian announced tremendous changes to its licensing model, with the biggest impact on Server licenses for Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and more. What are your possibilities? What option will suit your company best? Let us be your guide.

Jira Server is being phased out

Atlassian announced that starting with February 2, 2021 it won’t sell new Server licenses. The reason is a big push to Cloud hostings, opening a lot of fresh possibilities in regard to innovation and flexibility. Yet, for most of the Server users, it also means answering some difficult questions.

Should we choose Cloud hosting and leave all of our data in Atlassian’s hands? Is Data Center a viable model for our company? What should we choose cost-wise? What apps and features will follow us to the new hosting?

There’s no one solution for everyone, and that’s why the Almarise team will do whatever is possible to guide you through that transition and ensure the best effects for your organization.

Measure SLAs

Migration to Cloud

Considering moving to Cloud? It’s a perfect choice for distributed teams without a set of very specialized apps. Jira & Confluence Cloud sport fresher interfaces, advanced built-in features, and effortless configuration.

That said, we understand why leaving your data in another company’s hands may be problematic for some of our users. Also, there’s still quite a lot of apps not available for Cloud hostings. Because of that, it’s best to look closer at your company’s specific needs and make the best decision based on this information.

We’ve already helped organizations migrate to Cloud and will happily do it for your company as well.

Cloud benefits

Quick Deployment

Atlassian Cloud lets you deploy Jira and Confluence quickly, efficiently and without configuration problems.

Simplified Operation

Working with Atlassian Cloud is easier and more intuitive than the on-premise verions.

Perfect for Business

Cloud is a great choice for technical and non-technical business users alike.

Forrester estimates the ROI of migration at 358%, with 82% of users achieving profitability within six months.

Migration to Data Center

Cloud doesn’t meet your expectations? We understand that. There are still a lot of companies that need on-premise hosting and don’t want to give up some of the most advanced Jira apps already made. Atlassian Data Center remains a great option for such enterprises, with its amazing flexibility and resiliency.

With the possibility to add more nodes to your cluster, Data Center offers improved reliability and stability at scale, overperforming both Server and Cloud hostings with ease.

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Benefits of Data Center

Scalability and Stability

Large-scale organizations can work on Data Center hosting without interruptions and lowered performance.

Rich App Portfolio

The wide selection of Data Center Apps allows even the most requiring team to customize their tools accordingly.

Data Security Champion

On-premise host remains the best option for organizations with stringent compliance and data security rules.

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