Is Atlassian Cloud the optimal choice for my needs?

Why choose Atlassian Cloud?” and “What steps must I take, and how much time should I allocate?” These are common questions, whether mandated or arising during your company’s transformation journey to the next level.

While cloud migration presents an exciting opportunity for many companies, it may not be suitable for everyone. Certain functions may not yet be feasibly replicated in the Atlassian Cloud, and some legal regulations may not be adequately addressed in a cloud environment.

The decision to migrate hinges on these considerations. We offer assistance in evaluating whether embarking on a cloud journey aligns with your company’s objectives.

Powerfull Atlassian Cloud tools

Jira Software

Empower your software development team with the premier tool of choice. Plan, track, and release top-tier software effortlessly using the #1 software development tool preferred by agile teams.

Jira Service Management

Experience modern, flexible, and affordable ITSM, seamlessly integrated with Jira for comprehensive DevOps process alignment. Collaborate at high velocity, swiftly responding to business changes, and delivering exceptional service experiences for both customers and employees.

Jira Work Management

Experience the power and user-friendly interface of Jira, tailored for every business team. Enjoy seamless collaboration and intuitive project management, designed to foster cross-team coordination and eliminate silos.


Maximize team collaboration with the ultimate enterprise workspace and knowledge management application. Streamline your workflow, reduce time spent searching, and boost productivity. Centralize work organization, document creation, and discussions in a single, efficient platform.


Experience modern and efficient software team collaboration, revolutionizing the software development process. Streamline code collaboration with inline comments and pull requests. Seamlessly manage and share your Git repositories, facilitating teamwork to build and deliver software effectively.


Ensure timely notifications to the appropriate individuals with robust incident alerting and on-call schedules. Experience a modern, integrated incident management solution designed for seamless operations.


Streamline collaboration and productivity with an all-in-one, visually engaging project management tool. Trello empowers teams to organize projects collaboratively in a dynamic, flexible, and enjoyable manner.

Cloud consulting

Leveraging our comprehensive consulting services, we assist customers in reaching their business objectives and optimizing cloud advantages. Our team of strategy and consulting experts, along with solution architects, collaborates closely with clients to craft cloud-native or cloud-agnostic applications. Additionally, we develop automated processes to expedite the realization of value from cloud services. Our tailored business and technology roadmaps empower clients to establish secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for all their applications and workloads.

Cloud Benefits

Quick Deployment

Atlassian Cloud lets you deploy Jira and Confluence quickly, efficiently and without configuration problems.

Simplified Operation

Working with Atlassian Cloud is easier and more intuitive than the on-premise verions.

Perfect for Business

Cloud is a great choice for technical and non-technical business users alike.

Forrester estimates the ROI of migration at 358%, with 82% of users achieving profitability within six months.

DevOps? Sure!

In a landscape prioritizing agility and flexibility, cloud solutions seamlessly integrate with DevOps methodologies. Cloud environments offer centralized deployment tools and inherent support for DevOps practices. For instance, when DevOps teams require precise assembly of solution components, advanced cloud automation capabilities streamline the process, ensuring repeatability and efficiency.

Atlassian Jira - Agile Product Development for Any Team
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Are you looking for a cloud license?

We provide customized, co-termed licensing solutions designed to simplify the management of your Atlassian Cloud estate and guarantee you receive the optimal deal for your business needs.

Beyond mere reselling, our team’s proficiency as a premier Atlassian Platinum partner enables us to maximize the value of your license portfolio, all while providing you with a dedicated point of contact for seamless communication and support.

Remember, we are here for you!

Streamline and Enhance Your Service Management. Shift your focus to your business while we handle your cloud operations. At Almarise, we offer a blend of expertise, skills, and experience, coupled with robust partnerships, to alleviate your burdens and enable you to concentrate on your core objectives.

Our DevOps and cloud specialists can:

Enhance the security of your cloud solution

Optimize your expenditures

Continuously monitor, analyze, and enhance your ecosystem

Automate and sustain your infrastructure

Deliver on-demand support services for cloud-native DevOps tools and toolchains.

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