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We’re Almarise and we implement Atlassian software for 15+ years now. As Experts in Atlassian software implementations we helped multiple companies to benefit from Agile, ITSM and DevOps stack implementations. Let us find a solution best suited to your organization’s needs and make it spread its wings.

ITSM and Service Desk Implementation by Atlassian Experts

IT became crucial for businesses decades ago. Now it’s time to move forward and speed-up the digital transformation of the remaining business functions like HR, customer support, or legal departments.

Almarise, as an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, supports various organizations on their ways to digital and service-oriented businesses. Jira Service Management, Confluence, and other Atlassian Cloud and on-premise products can bring a fully digital user experience to your customers, employees and business partners.

Regardless, your organization needs a simple service desk solution or a fully-featured ITSM platform for many teams, including Asset Management, ITIL-compliant processes, and knowledge base, we’re happy to assist you in the transformation.

We are a leading Atlassian partner specializing in migrations from on-premise to cloud. Our experienced team provides comprehensive support at every stage, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal benefits from Atlassian products in the Cloud. Additionally, we deliver high-quality cloud product training, offering full support to our clients in effectively utilizing new tools and features. For our clients, we also offer attractive licensing deals, ensuring favorable prices that contribute to savings when migrating from on-premise to the cloud. Trust the expertise of our professionals, and you will successfully introduce your organization to the world of Atlassian Cloud solutions.

Jira Agile and Waterfall Project Management are Supported by Almarise Atlassian Experts

Running software projects can be demanding for organization and people. The most essential success factors are right planning, communication and reporting. Jira Software supports all of them and unleashes full potential of Agile teams.

Jira allows local and distributed teams to increase productivity and transparency. Built-in Scrum features like Backlog, Story Point Estimation, Sprint board, Reports (including Velocity Chart and Burndown report) makes Jira Software top-choice when considering Agile support tools. Do you use Kanban? No worries, Jira Software supports it as well. Tracking software development progress is easy when you combine any GIT-based source code repository (like Bitbucket, GitLab or GitHub) with Jira Software.

Want to run a waterfall project? That’s easy. Simply use Jira and combine it with one of multiple waterfall supporting apps like BigGantt or Structure.

Expert in Knowledge CollaborationModern technologies allow us to create knowledge throughout the entire organization, regardless of its size. This makes us face a completely different problem: how to share knowledge so as not to drown in excess information?

Solving this issue has become possible thanks to Knowledge Collaboration systems like Atlassian Confluence. With Confluence you can easily create good-looking content, collaborate on it with your team members and share within a project, department or organization. With out-of-the-box in-app and email notifications you will be always on track with latest updates.

Confluence is suitable for any-size organization and runs in Atlassian Cloud or behind a firewall (On-Premises). And it’s free for teams of 10 (or less).

Experts in Atlassian DevOps and Automation

Creating well-functioning software is a complicated process, especially for dynamic web or mobile applications that are subject to frequent updates and changes. The use of appropriate working methods and the use of iron discipline, however, allows you to keep it in check and ensure continuity in the release of new versions of the application without hindering the lives of our clients.

Atlassian Jira Software is the center of your development team but real power it shows when combined with Bitbucket and Bamboo.

Bitbucket is a source code repository built on top of GIT. It provides superb user interface, permission management, peer code review thru pull requests and super-fast code search.

Bamboo is a Continuous Integration Server that can build and deploy your code immediately on any remote environment.

Out Atlassian Experts Team Guarantees Top-Level Support for Its Customers

Project Management is a process of planning and controlling the execution of a project. It typically involves a team or person responsible for coordinating resources, schedules, and budgets to ensure that the project reaches its goals. In order to successfully manage a project, you need to have a clear idea of what needs to be done and who is responsible for doing it. You also need to keep track of changes in plans and deadlines so that everyone knows what they need to do next.

With Atlassian Jira and Confluence you can easily track you project plan and progress, and thanks Jra Advanced Roadmaps you can plan and track work strategically across multiple teams and projects.

Keep in mind that Atlassian created an amazing Marketplace for 3rd party apps where you can find thousands of customized solutions like Tempo Budgets or BigPicture you can track project cost, manage resources, or use gantt-charts.

Looging for a simpler solution for small projects or teams? Try Trello or Asana and get digital project management experience in a few clicks.

Your Team + Atlassian Experts

Every great team needs great tools to succeed. Learn what Atlassian has to offer when it comes to delivering outstanding results. From Jira Core and Jira Work Management – the most popular issue-tracking solution and Jira Software – the #1 Agile Development Tool, through Confluence, an enterprise Wiki and Knowledge Base solution used by countless teams around the world to Trello, the smart & simple work organization combine designed for creative heads.

Atlassian software integrates freely with each other, thanks to which you can work faster without switching context, merging Jira & Confluence experience with developer tools such as Bamboo (the Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment tool) or Bitbucket (the Enterprise Git Client).

Moreover, Atlassian tools employ state-of-the-art security solutions which cannot be found in the competing Open Source solutions.

We are Atlassian Experts and as an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, so we have knowledge, experience, and resources to implement Atlassian Software for any-size organization.

Atlassian Implementations Experts
Jira Service Management Implementation


High Velocity ITSM

Are you looking for a solution compliant with good ITSM practices that will combine a portal that allows users to create notifications, a SLA measurement tool for the support department and a company’s knowledge base? Jira Service Management has everything that it witness to efficient user service. It is a modern, promoting tool, thanks to which you will ensure fast provision of support services within and within the organization.

Check out our case studies to get more!


Agile Development for any team

Jira Software is the market leader software for Agile project management. It does not matter if you use SCRUM, Kanban or any other Agile development framework. With Atlassian’s Jira Software, every team can plan effectively and increase its daily work efficiency thanks to better organization, while maintaining full transparency. Jira also means efficient backlog management, sprint execution and robust Agile reporting. Each team member has an insight into what should be done and when. In addition, the system ensures that each person is up to date with the tasks assigned to him or her.
Jira Software is available in Cloud and on-premise depending on your team and the company needs.

Jira Software for Agile Teams

CONFLUENCE Experts in Atlassian Confluence Implementations

Content-based collaboration tool

The most popular Wiki solution available on the market, combining the benefits of collaboration tools, a knowledge base, and intranet. Confluence allows multiple users to collaborate on one document at the same time, offers simple editing similar to the MS Word editor, and versioning built-in into the file system. In addition, it integrates perfectly with other Atlassian tools, being a great place for storing documentation related to Jira issues and a knowledge base for customers using the portal in Jira Service Management

Atlassian Confluence Experts


Project Management Tool

See the plans of your team, track progress, collaborate, and discuss what has to be done in one place. With Asana acting as your work’s manager, you’ll stay up-to-date about everything your team is doing right now.

Migration to Cloud or Data Center with Atlassian Experts

After phasing out the Server hosting, the Atlassian ecosystem will look drastically different. Where will Your Company be at?

Almarise, as Atlassian Experts (Platinum Solution Partner) is the right partner to consult and run migration.

Together we’ll find the best way to migrate Your data to the deployment that suits your business the most.

Atlassian Experts - Migration to Cloud or Data Center

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