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ITSM and Service Desk is No Black Magic for the Almarise Team

The development of technology makes the processes of maintaining IT systems more and more enigmatic for the end client. It is not important, however, how and by whom the service will be performed. Ultimately, what counts is reliability, time spent on carrying out tasks and ensuring business continuity.

Capable IT service & resource management makes an impact on every organization, regardless of its size.

We will make your services go uninterrupted.

The Almarise Team is Highly Trained in Knowledge Collaboration Topics

Modern technologies allow us to share knowledge throughout the entire organization, regardless of its size. This makes us face a completely different problem: how to share knowledge so as not to drown in excess information?

Solving this issue has become possible thanks to Knowledge Collaboration systems (especially Atlassian Confluence), which allow sharing knowledge, sharing it with selected people, easy notification of changes in content and joint work on documents.

Agile and Waterfall Project Management are Supported by Almarise

Agile methodologies (because this is what the term Agile means) allow teams around the world to increase their productivity and significantly reduce the time needed to achieve business results. They belong to the “easy to learn, hard to master” work methods, i.e. easy to learn but hard to master.

It allows you to achieve truly phenomenal performance – not only in the programming industry – but also requires a lot of awareness and discipline from the team.

The Almarise Team is Highly Competent in DevOps and Automation

Creating well-functioning software is a complicated process, especially for dynamic web applications that are subject to frequent updates and changes. The use of appropriate working methods and the use of iron discipline, however, allows you to keep it in check and ensure continuity in the release of new versions of the application without hindering the lives of our clients.

The Almarise Team Guarantees Top-Level Support for Its Customers

Project Management is a process of planning and controlling the execution of a project. It typically involves a team or person responsible for coordinating resources, schedules, and budgets to ensure that the project reaches its goals. In order to successfully manage a project, you need to have a clear idea of what needs to be done and who is responsible for doing it. You also need to keep track of changes in plans and deadlines so that everyone knows what they need to do next.

Your Team + Atlassian

Every great team needs great tools to succeed. Learn what Atlassian has to offer when it comes to delivering outstanding results. From Jira Core – the most popular issue-tracking solution and Jira Software – the #1 Agile Development Tool, through Confluence, an enterprise Wiki solution used by countless teams around the world to Trello, the smart & simple work organization combine designed for creative heads.

Atlassian software integrates freely with each other, thanks to which you can work faster without switching context, merging Jira & Confluence experience with developer tools such as Bamboo (the Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment tool) or Bitbucket (the Enterprise Git Client).

Moreover, Atlassian tools employ state-of-the-art security solutions which cannot be found in the competing Open Source solutions.

Atlassian Tools are The Perfect Solution for Business Regardless of Its Size


Agile Development for any team

Jira is the leading system for agile project and task management. Thanks to it, every manager can plan effectively, and the team can increase the efficiency of their work thanks to better organization, while maintaining full transparency. jira also means efficient work progress reporting. Each member of the project team has an insight into what should be done and when. In addition, the system ensures that each team member is up to date with the tasks assigned to him, sending notifications by e-mail and to the team messenger (eg slack).

Jira Workflows are one of its Most Powerful Features
Plan, Report, Prioritize


High Velocity ITSM

Are you looking for a solution compliant with good ITSM practices that will combine a portal that allows users to create notifications, a SLA measurement tool for the support department and a company’s knowledge base? Jira Service Management has everything that it witness to efficient user service. It is a modern, promoting tool, thanks to which you will ensure fast provision of support services within and within the organization.


Content-based collaboration tool

The most popular Wiki solution available on the market, combining the benefits of collaboration tools, a knowledge base, and intranet. Confluence allows multiple users to collaborate on one document at the same time, offers simple editing similar to the MS Word editor, and versioning built-in into the file system. In addition, it integrates perfectly with other Atlassian tools, being a great place for storing documentation related to Jira issues and a knowledge base for customers using the portal in Jira Service Management

Atlassian Confluence


Project Management Tool

See the plans of your team, track progress, collaborate, and discuss what has to be done in one place. With Asana acting as your work’s manager, you’ll stay up-to-date about everything your team is doing right now.

Your Journey to Cloud or Data Center

After phasing out the Server hosting, the Atlassian ecosystem will look drastically different. Where will Your Company be at?

Let Almarise be Your guide in this transition.

Together we’ll find the best way to migrate Your data to the deployment that suits your business the most.

Journey to Cloud or Data Center Hosting in the Atlassian Environment