Software Implementation

The Almarise team has been implementing Atlassian products for over 15 years. Learn about the process of implementing Atlassian software by Almarise and find out what solutions we can offer. If you have any doubts or questions, please contact our consultants.

Interaction with the Customer

The cornerstone of the software implementation process is the interaction with our Customers. We carefully listen to what you have to say to properly identify your key needs and business requirements. At the same time, we suggest some solutions and show you what we have already done for other customers. If something can be reused in Your case – great. I’ll save us both money and time. If not, we’ll develop and implement a solution answering your needs.


By prototyping, we mean delivering solutions that lack full functionality but can show how will the implemented software behave. By doing that, we are able to find all the design flaws early and get to the bottom of your requirements faster than using the traditional, waterfall-type approach.

Continuous Testing

Continuous testing enables us to eliminate errors on the fly. It’s an integral part of shipping newer versions of your software. The process results in Continuous Improvement and it never truly ends. Even when the software is fully shipped and implemented, we arrange the knowledge transfer to Your team and are constantly ready to assist you if anything goes wrong.

Fast Results

All of the above guarantee you fast results. This means that less of your money and time is wasted through the process, and the implemented software starts to deliver value to your company much earlier.

Depending on the requirements and needs of the Customer, our Team can only assist the IT Department in final implementation, or implement the solution on-premise, working at the Customer’s office. While we are focused on working in Agile methodologies, we can also work waterfall-style, with gathering the requirements, analyzing the solutions and then building a piece of software for you to test, if there’s a business need for that (e.g. in case of high-security, closed systems).

What products can you choose?


System for planning, tracking and project management.


Knowledge base, intranet and company documentation center in one solution.


Git client for programming teams working with Atlassian tools.


Learn about other Atlassian products and Custom Solutions offered by Almarise.


Learn about other Atlassian products and Custom Solutions offered by Almarise.


Learn about other Atlassian products and Custom Solutions offered by Almarise.

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