Jira has stopped working! The user has no access to the project! Cannot create space for Confluence! The code added to Bitbucket does not appear in the application!

While we wish our customers the most trouble-free use of Atlassian products, problems, as described above, may appear in everyday work.

If your organization does not employ employees specializing in solving them, we will gladly take care of it. Almarise – as a company specializing in the implementation, modification, and maintenance of Atlassian products – also provides application support services as an external entity.

Almarise in its offer offers clients the opportunity to use the knowledge of its employees. As part of the support offer, the customer does not have to worry about maintaining Atlassian products – our experienced team does it for him. All problems (reported and not) will be thoroughly analyzed and resolved within the time specified in the SLA. To facilitate the decision of our clients, we have created Support Packages corresponding to the most frequently signaled needs.

Reliability and Transparency

It is important that despite the flat-rate payment for support hours in a given month if they are not used in the billed month, they will move on to the next one. In addition to troubleshooting support, hours can be used to develop Atlassian products.

All notifications are created in the Jira Almarise system, where the customer has a view of the current status of notifications, the time remaining to complete the notification resulting from the SLA and the rest of the necessary information.

Currently, many companies on the market, both Polish and foreign, use our support. Our support is implemented in Polish and English (depending on the client’s needs).

Support Packages

Are you looking for simple, predetermined solutions? Let us introduce support packages, created just for Customers like yourself. We offer three levels of our services, plus one extension option for Affordable and Awesome packages:


  • Ideal for customers with small instances of Atlassian software deployed.
  • Support or development hours: 8
  • Critical SLA: 8h for reaction, 16h for solution
  • SLA Other: none
  • ✓ License management
  • ✓ Information on security threats
  • ✓ Managing 1-2 applications within the hour limit
  • ✓ Launching the test environment
  • ✓ Data backup once a month


  • For customers with medium Atlassian instances and larger teams.
  • Support or development hours: 24
  • Critical SLA: 4h for reaction, 1 day for a solution
  • SLA Other: 8h per reaction
  • What in Affordable level and:
  • ✓ Recreation of the test environment on demand (up to 4 times a year)
  • ✓ 4 days of training per year (within the limit of hours)
  • ✓ Proactive system monitoring
  • ✓ Backup environment in the Info Design infrastructure
  • ✓ Reviews of the on-demand solutions market
  • ✓ 5 days of training per year (billed within the hour limit)
  • ✓ Offline backup (up to 100GB) once a month
  • ✓ Application upgrade 4 times a year (outside the time limit)
  • ✓ Managing 1-3 applications within the hour limit


  • Ideal for the most demanding customers with large Atlassian instances.
  • Support or development hours: 48
  • Critical SLA: 2h for reaction, 4h for solution
  • SLA Other: 4h per reaction
  • What in an Awesome level, plus:
  • ✓ Negotiating additional discounts on plugins with suppliers
  • ✓ Offline backup (up to 100GB) once a week
  • ✓ Managing 3 or more applications within the hour limit

Does your business need a really special treatment, that cannot be covered by any of the existing Almarise support packages?


For the most demanding, Enterprise-style Customers.

Almighty package details

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Manpower needed to support Your organization.

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