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Start using the most popular Enterprise Wiki solution on the market, combining the advantages of a collaboration tool, corporate knowledge base, and corporate intranet.

Unlike Sharepoint and other popular document storage solutions on the market, Atlassian Confluence lets you create interactive pages, combining the best of the two worlds – the simplicity of a text editor and the versatility of a web page. Thanks to it even the non-technical employees can create amazing pages and store knowledge in a convenient, easily searchable work environment.

The Most Popular Enterprise Wiki Software in the World

Confluence allows many people to work on one document at the same time, offers simple editing of Office documents and versioning uploaded to the file system. Confluence allows you to share knowledge and manage communication in an organization in an efficient way.

In addition, it’s easily extended with the Atlassian Marketplace Apps (containing both free and paid add-ons) and perfectly integrates with other Atlassian tools, being an ideal place for storing documentation related to the Jira system and creating a knowledge base for users using the support portal in Jira Service Desk.

Single Source of Truth

Confluence works great as a single source of truth in the organization, replacing countless documents.

Effortless Collaboration

Confluence editor allows simultaneous access and edition, as well as autosave and version history.

Customize as Needed

A rich Atlassian Marketplace Apps portfolio allows the administrator to modify the system as needed.

Top Features

Atlassian Confluence Can Be Used As Single Source of Truth in the Organization

Single Source of Truth

Confluence can be successfully used as a single source of truth for all departments and projects. Thanks to Macros (interactive page elements) such as Page Include or Excerpt you can create a single source page that will be edited by you, and the content will be automatically propagated to all the other places. It’s just that simple.

Work Together

Collaborative features of Confluence let you work on a document simultaneously without breaking a sweat. The changes are meticulously recorded and can be reverted at any time. The documents can be easily restored from the trash as well, and the editor window itself shows who’s currently editing the document and what changes is he/she making. Moreover, the system contains several fail-safes which protect your content from being overwritten or lost.

Make Conversation Happen

Comments, shares, quick links, and inline comments make communication between teams easily possible. All the messages, mentions, and other forms of communication will be also shown in the notification window and sent to the user’s email, so no detail is lost. Confluence even allows for a simple task-tracking in a form of a task list, which can be used during the meetings for quick jobs that need to be done immediately after the meeting’s over.

Integrate with Jira

Create issues directly from Confluence documents, link issues, generate reports using JQL, display data from Jira in real-time – thanks to these features any team working with Jira can benefit greatly from Confluence. It’s much more than just a knowledge base. The two-way integration lets you access your past work almost instantaneously, without losing precious time searching through emails, paper documents and so on.

Confluence Easily Links with Atlassian Jira

Success is a Team Effort

Confluence makes it easy to create, share and collaborate on documents. It allows for intuitive versioning of files, editing them in integration with the Office system and displaying them directly on pages created by users.

Thanks to a simple editor with a standard, text-editor-like interface, working on documents in Confluence is intuitive for any employee with experience in office work. Access control mechanisms will allow you to easily define who should see certain content, who will have editing rights, and from whom some documents will be hidden.

Atlassian Confluence
One Source of Knowledge in the Organization

One Source of Knowledge in the Organization

Thanks to Confluence, the tedious search of folders and e-mail boxes for information is a thing of the past. You can find the information you need in just a few moments. The extensive search mechanism will find any content, regardless of the form, word variety, etc.

Thanks to the integration with the Jira and Jira Service Management systems, it is even unnecessary to send links to individual pages, because they will be displayed as attachments attached to tasks or tickets. Rather than maintaining several separate systems, it’s better to use Confluence to be one central source of knowledge for your organization.

Customize, extend, integrate

Confluence is a powerful tool, but its functionality can be extended further. Regardless of whether it’s to change the look of your blog or a tool that allows you to automatically create invitations in Outlook. Examples of extensions allow you to:

  • Building a modern corporate intranet
  • Advanced document management
  • Extending the possibility of working on tables
  • Use of scripts
  • Creating queries to databases and REST API
  • Implementation of an automatic document archiving system

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