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Because nowadays, when everyone is constantly connected to the Internet, product development can be based on its users, creating a kind of an “ecosystem” around it. Let your customers submit new ideas and express opinions about your products and services, criticize the Decision Committee of experienced managers and implement the most promising ones!

Idea Hub allows you to create development opportunities that were previously unavailable or significantly impeded. Thanks to this, your organization will develop in accordance with current trends and market requirements. Instead of chasing competition, leave it far behind!


Accelerate Product Development

Don’t let Jira and Service Desk users ignore our messages. Configure notification source, target groups and appearance of the feed, so no one misses the important info.

Think as a Team

Let your Jira Admin rest and delegate the responsibility to Project Leads or the Communication Team. Pre-defined Feeds will save time spent on creating messages from scratch.

Build Commitment

Every action taken by a user is recorded and can be used to create an acceptance report. Moreover, you can demand an answer – like “accept” or “reject”.

Create innovation portals

As part of Idea Hub, you can create as many portals as you need. If you want to separate the customer portal from the employee portal – the path is free. Each of the portals can have its own visual identification, different composition of committees assessing ideas and a different workflow. At the same time, from the Jira system side, the portal will still be a set of tasks that can be searched using JQL and create reports from them.

Thanks to this, on the users’ side the portal will be an aesthetic and convenient place to submit ideas, and from the administrator’s side, it will still remain an efficient issue management tool, which Jira simply is.

Create As Many Innovation Portals as Needed
Discuss, Rate, Vote

Discuss, rate, vote

Idea Hub is primarily a space for discussion. It combines the simplicity of the interface with typically social functionalities, such as the ability to comment, rate and compete. Portal users will be able to put ideas to a vote, submit comments, spot errors, or indicate that this idea has already been submitted.

Voting is enabled even for individual comments, and the Moderator is able to highlight the most brilliant of them to further motivate the community.

Analyze and implement

Thanks to the establishment of the Decision Committee, ideas will be regularly analyzed and evaluated for their suitability. Committee sessions will be managed by a moderator, and after assigning grades in accordance with the MoSCoW system, the system will automatically select the best-rated ideas and direct them for further implementation.

Thanks to Workflow automation, ideas – as Issues in Jira – can be immediately directed to the product development or implementation department, so that they can be effectively implemented.

Analyze and Implement

Use Cases

Innovation Center

A large corporation implements a development program based on the Japanese kaizen business philosophy derived from the Lean Manufacturing methodology. It provides for the possibility of reporting small but continuous improvements that will improve the production process, reduce costs and improve the quality of the products themselves. However, reporting improvements directly to your supervisor does not bring the results expected by management. There are few applications, and employees complain that the selection process is unclear and, as a result, discourages them.

To improve the transparency of the improvement submission process, management decides to install Idea Hub, as most of the corporate employees have accounts in the Jira system. Thanks to this, ideas can be submitted publicly, put to the vote by the rest of the crew and then selected according to clear criteria. The number of applications increases and the management board can announce success in implementing the program.

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