Why Secure Fields?

Secure Fields App

Because each complex enough system contains data, that needs to be secured. No matter if it’s a license key or an employee location – you want to ensure, that these can be accessed by trusted users only.

Secure Fields is an App allowing you to secure your valuable data in Jira. Thanks to Secure Fields you will create security-enabled Custom Fields, set Permission Schemes, enable Secure Search and block attempts to steal your data via API or exports.

Yes, it’s that good.


Employ Top Protection

Secure Fields lets you hide sensitive data from plain sight, and protect it from unauthorized exports or REST API calls.

Hide Any Data

Secure Fields gives you secure equivalents of almost all available Custom Fields.

Protect Your Search

Secure your search as well – thanks to App optimization the searcher is only a little bit slower than the non-secure one.

Create Secure Custom Fields

To secure data in an Issue, create new, secure custom fields. Secure Fields contain the secure equivalents of almost all custom fields, including:

  • Date Picker
  • Date Time Picker
  • Free Text – multi line
  • Short Text – single line
  • Select List
  • Multi Select List
  • Number
  • Single User Picker
  • Multi User Picker
  • Group Picker
  • Multi Group Picker
  • Version
  • Component
Create Security-Enabled Custom Fields
Create Secure Permission Scheme

Set a Permission Scheme

Jira Admin can configure the Permission Schemes used by Secure Fields. It’s done the same way as configuring a Project Permission Scheme. Thanks to this, you don’t need to configure permissions manually per every field, saving the admin from a lot of overhead.

Toggle Secure Search

Secure Fields allow toggling one of three distinct search security levels – depending on what’s your priority in that matter.

The first level focuses on search speed. Keep in mind, that someone can still check if the value is greater or smaller than the query, which can be problematic (for example if it’s the revenue level for the current quarter, that should remain hidden for some time).

The second level limits JQL search, but the search efficiency is slightly lower. Still, it cuts the unauthorized users off completely, without draining the system’s resources excessively.

The third level disables Secure Fields search completely.

Toggle Secure Search

All Data Access Methods Secured

Unlike our competition, we made sure, that all access methods to your data are secured. Attacks using data export, REST API calls or Velocity Templates cannot extract the protected data from Secure Fields.

Use Cases

Financial Data

Revenue stream, project budgets, income, and all other data that should remain the Accounting Department’s secret (but at the same time accessible by top management and the board of management).

Personal Data

Addresses, salaries, yearly evaluations, and other sensitive data. Everything that should not be made public without the employee’s consent counts.

Passwords & Licenses

The IT Department needs a safe place for storing license keys and passwords for all their sophisticated apps? Perfectly doable. Thanks to Secure Fields no unauthorized user will be able to see them.

Learn more about Secure Fields

Are you interested in trying out the app? Visit Secure Fields on Atlassian Marketplace and start your 30 day free trial!

Secure Fields is available for Server and Data Center hostings.

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Try Secure Fields for Free!

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