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The #1 Agile Software Dev Tool

Atlassian has combined Jira Software with Jira Work Management to create a tool for all teams called Jira. It is a leading system supporting the work of software development teams working in agile methodologies.

The latest evolution of Jira offers a shared space for each team to adapt to goals and priorities, track and collaborate on work, and gain the insight they need to collectively build something amazing. Leveraging the best of Jira Work Management and Jira Software, we’ve created a single project management tool that helps every team transition from good to great. And we simply call it Jira.

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Jira Software is used in thousands of organizations around the world, combining advanced mechanisms of the Jira system, allowing for almost any modification of workflow schemes and integration with the most popular development tools with a friendly, intuitive, and modern user interface.

The knowledge about how to use Jira has become a standard comparable with the popular office packages such as MS Office or OpenOffice. Because of this, in the world of software development, Jira is the safest choice. Moreover, even if it lacks a particular feature, it can be easily added to the system due to its rich and powerful Apps portfolio. Just enter the Atlassian Marketplace and search for the solution you need!

Plan Better, Deliver More

Create user stories and tickets, plan sprints and assign tasks. Thanks to using the system that is created with Agile methodology in mind, your team will achieve better results.

Maintain Work Transparency

Set priorities and discuss the work of the team with full visibility and transparency. Gain the opportunity to optimize the work process thanks to the data analysis.

Integrate Tools Without Effort

Jira Software easily integrates with the most popular development tools, allowing you to work comfortably in one, closely interrelated environment.

Top Features

Jira Planning and Tracking

Planning Work

Jira lets you create tasks (called Issues), set up dependencies between these tasks, organize work in a hierarchical structure of Epics, Stories and Tasks, manage user stories, conduct sprint planning and distribute the work across your team. All of these options can be further used to measure the team’s capacity, plan releases, prepare roadmaps and Gantt charts helping the management to understand the timeline and adjust the process to better match the reality.

Tracking Work

You can see the progress of each issue on the fly, as well as set priorities, comment, and maintain full transparency. Jira’s powerful permission options let you to set up individual permissions for different teams and people, as well as prepare powerful Boards and Dashboards which will help the teams to monitor the key indicators of their project’s health.

Releasing Software

You can be confident that the software you ship is ready, and the information you have is solid. Jira Software integrates well with all the necessary Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery tools as well as with the Git repository. Because of this, you have a clear outlook of what’s going on in the pipeline.


Jira supports the continuous improvement of your work process by providing real-time reports. You can generate the simplest reports with just two clicks, without exporting the data to Excel and conducting excessive filtering. More advanced reports can be generated with help of the Jira Query Language, a simple but powerful syntax allowing you to easily reach any data available within the system and turn it into a useful report.

Ship When Ready
Customize Your Workflows

Customizable Workflows

No matter what kind of team are you on, Jira can support you with a workflow best-suited to your needs. You can set up conditions, validators, and post-functions to automate as much as possible and keep the work process tidy and safe.

Thanks to these options, Jira can map almost any real-life process inside of the system, no matter how complex and unusual it is. It is exactly the ability to customize Jira Software to fit your team’s needs that makes it the #1 agile tool for software teams.

Aligning the Team with Common Goals

Your engineers, marketers, designers, and other teams may operate in different ways, but they should still strive towards common goals. By placing all teams in one Jira instance, leaders can more easily set goals, adjust team priorities, and track progress in real-time for each project.

Atlassian Intelligence (AI)

At the heart of teamwork lies unity: when each team member can fully leverage their abilities, the entire team achieves more. Soon, we will introduce AI functionality for task delegation (currently in beta for Jira Premium and Enterprise users), which will suggest breaking epics into tasks and tasks into subtasks. This will allow you to spend less time organizing work and more time executing it. After adjusting and approving the suggestions, new work items will be created and placed in the appropriate hierarchy.

Shared Release Dates in Calendars

Successful launches require close collaboration among programmers, IT, marketing, sales, and support teams. It’s a big challenge, but Jira helps simplify it. Business projects can be viewed as calendars with set task deadlines. Software project release dates can now be visible in relevant business projects, supporting coordinated efforts. (Calendars will be available in software projects in the coming months – stay tuned for Jira updates!)

Increased Visibility for Better Decision Making

Tired of switching between multiple browser tabs to get a full picture of your project? Don’t worry. Plans (available in Jira Premium and Enterprise) allow tasks from different boards, projects, and filters to be consolidated, creating a comprehensive view for multiple teams. Now, everyone from leaders to program managers to team members can estimate project release dates, address personnel and resource questions, and set annual goals, all in one place.

Jira has become more flexible, configurable, and powerful than ever before. Now all teams can work in a way that suits them, managing projects, documentation, and knowledge in one cohesive place. We hope you’ll enjoy these new features in Jira – and this is just the beginning!

Powerful Integrations

Atlassian Confluence Logo

Knowledge Management

Seamless integration with Atlassian Confluence lets you share knowledge with ease.

Bamboo Icon

Continuous Integration and Deployment

Atlassian Developer tools – no matter if it’s Bamboo, Bitbucket or Pipelines – integrate with Jira without any problem.

Open DevOps

A powerful solution of Atlassian products and integrations to supercharge your DevOps process with Jira.

Agile simplicity

Agile methodologists are easy to learn, but more difficult to put into practice. Thanks to the simplicity and intuitiveness of Jira Software, you don’t need to be an Agile expert to effectively use the benefits of agile work. We will help your organization properly set up workflow processes and show you how to use Scrum and Kanban boards for your purposes.

Extensive Atlassian documentation and tutorials will allow you to quickly dispel doubts about more complex functionalities, and if it was a problem, our experts will be happy to consult you.

All that remains for your team is to refine the software development process and deliver working solutions.

Agile Simplicity
Plan, Report, Prioritize

Plan, Report, Prioritize

Thanks to Scrum and Kanban boards and the drag & drop mechanism, you can conveniently plan, prioritize and complete tasks. Boards and Dashboards will allow the team to easily find out about the project and help the management make important business decisions. Jira Software also provides a ready set of reports. You can use them from the first sprint to explore team performance, validate estimates, and gain insight into the project.

Do you need more detailed reports? No problem. Jira Software allows for easy adjustment of reporting tools to the needs of the organization.

Customize, extend, integrate

Confluence is a powerful tool, but its functionality can be extended further. Regardless of whether it’s to change the look of your blog or a tool that allows you to automatically create invitations in Outlook. Examples of extensions allow you to:

  • Building a modern corporate intranet
  • Advanced document management
  • Extending the possibility of working on tables
  • Use of scripts
  • Creating queries to databases and REST API
  • Implementation of an automatic document archiving system

Take advantage of the wide range of add-ons available on the Atlassian Marketplace or contact us and we will create a tailor-made solution

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