Comprehensive Consulting

The Almarise Team does more than only consults the software. Our experts can help you improve your operating processes and transform the company to get even better results from the same Atlassian stack. With our long-time Cloud and Data Center experience, we’ll be able to help no matter if we’re talking about a small organization or a large enterprise.

Comprehensive Consulting Offered by Almarise
Comprehensive Consulting Offered by Almarise

Custom Solutions

If you need to integrate non-Atlassian software with your Jira, we’ll tell you how to do it. If you want to move your HR or Finance team to Jira & Confluence, we’ll also be able to help. Our team will even help you if the solution you want isn’t available on the market yet. We’re not saying that we can achieve the impossible – but we can certainly come close to it.

Cloud & Data Center Migration

Decision on Cloud and Data Center migration is a really important one, no matter the size of your company. That’s why it shouldn’t be done in a haste. Our Consulting team will help you analyze your current situation, see what functionalities are you using the most and pick the best option available for you – and then help in transition as well.

Journey to Cloud or Data Center Hosting in the Atlassian Environment

Why is Almarise consulting worth it?

Performance Gains

Our Experts know the operating principles of Atlassian software and will use this knowledge to improve your stack’s performance.

Higher ROI
from Software

By picking the best solutions and advising you which licensing type you should choose, our team will max your return of investment from software.

Expanding Capabilities

The Almarise team will tell you how to expand the capabilities of your software & team, no matter if it’s custom software or anything else.

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Are you interested in any of the upcoming training sessions and their detailed scope? In case of any doubts, our consultants will help you decide on which training your organization will benefit the most.

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