Meet Almarise

We are a European IT company working in an international environment and specializing in Atlassian products. Our mission is to provide real business value to our clients by offering products and services that help their organizations develop and grow.

We work in accordance with the “Customer First” principle, focusing on providing benefits to customers and their organizations, instead of implementing demanding sales plans and maximizing margins. We believe that all parties involved benefit from honest cooperation.

We offer both custom solutions and ready integration programs (e.g. for Jira or SAP). Our team has been building, implementing and maintaining IT systems since 1999. We are not afraid of new challenges, we work with clients from around the world and do not stop learning.

There’s one thing we’re extremely proud of – we make great things with great people!

The Almarise Team

Mission and Vision

“Our mission is to implement tools to improve customer work in the collaboration area. Thanks to technology, we make processes simpler, smoother, and more efficient while spreading knowledge about the best practices.”

Company values

Be Customer-Centric

We respect the Customer’s money and time more than our own. We know that in the long run, this approach wins.

Less is More

Our solutions are as simple as possible, so maintaining them does not require a huge amount of work.

From Needs to Benefits

We start by examining the Customer’s needs to find out which solutions will bring the real benefit to the organization.

Atlassian Platinum Enterprise Partner

Almarise has the status of the Atlassian Platinum Corporate Partner, which places our team among a small group of partners that meets all criteria for employee training required by Atlassian and documented experience in servicing both small and corporate clients.

We provide software, implement, advise and train. we create extensions for Atlassian products on request and modify our existing applications from the Atlassian marketplace.

Solving Complex Requirements

Enterprise Partners specialize in the entire Atlassian product range and provide solutions to meet the most complex needs, working with your team to provide your organization with the full range of Application Lifecycle Management.

Integrating Environments

Enterprise Partners work with major Atlassian clients to carry out practical integration, implementation and system updates. They also work inside their teams when there is a need to adapt the software to the specific needs of customers.

Crafting Tailor-Made Solutions

Corporate Partners help ensure efficient and uninterrupted work with all Atlassian products, providing dedicated services and solutions for complex business processes and handling even the most ambitious Service Level Agreements.

They Trusted Us

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