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Atlassian software is a world-renowned collaborative multitool, allowing teams to achieve great results, even when working in a distributed environment.

Atlassian products are industry standards, whether it’s project management (Jira), documentation storage and knowledge base maintenance (Confluence), quick collaboration between teams (Trello), or code management (Bitbucket and Bamboo).

Unlike popular open source solutions, Atlassian’s software is subject to strict quality control, is continuously audited for security, and integrates seamlessly with each other. Thanks to this, no matter which products you choose, they will be connected to each other in an intuitive way, without requiring long-term configuration and constant changes.

Atlassian Products Can Be Used for Multitude of Business Cases

Another advantage of Atlassian products is the ability to extend them through applications available on the Atlassian Marketplace or written to order, according to customer needs. With these features, Atlassian stands out from the competition by offering robust, flexible and business-friendly solutions.

Benefits of using Atlassian software

Safe and stable operation

High-quality code and regular security audits ensure a frequently updated, reliable and hacker-proof work environment supported by capable professionals.

Simple configuration and integration

The combination of Atlassian products allows for excellent integration between project management system, knowledge base and progamistic tools.

Customized to fit your needs

The thousands of add-ons available on the Atlassian Marketplace will allow you to modify most of Atlassian applications’

The Products

Jira Core

Jira is the leading system for agile project and task management. Thanks to it, every manager can plan effectively, and the team can increase the efficiency of their work thanks to the better organization while maintaining full transparency. Jira also means efficient work progress reporting. Each member of the project team has an insight into what should be done and when. In addition, the system ensures that each team member is up to date with the tasks assigned to him, sending notifications by e-mail and to the team messenger (eg. Slack).

Jira Software

The leading software development tool used by agile teams to plan, track, and deploy. Designed for members of software teams that need to release great software and ship it to production as soon as possible. Allows deep configuration of the workflows and a flawless integration with both Atlassian and third-party software development solution.

Jira Service Management

Are you looking for a solution compliant with good ITSM practices that will combine a portal that allows users to create notifications, a SLA measurement tool for the support department and a company’s knowledge base? Jira Service Management has everything that it witness to efficient user service. It is a modern, promoting tool, thanks to which you will ensure fast provision of support services within and within the organization.


The most popular Wiki solution available on the market, combining the benefits of collaboration tools, a knowledge base, and intranet. Confluence allows multiple users to collaborate on one document at the same time, offers simple editing similar to the MS Word editor, and versioning built-in into the file system. In addition, it integrates perfectly with other Atlassian tools, being a great place for storing documentation related to Jira issues and a knowledge base for customers using the portal in Jira Service Management.

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A Git solution used by professionals around the world. It’s more than just a Git client. Bitbucket provides the software team with a place to plan projects, work together on code, participate in testing and deploy amazing software. Integrates well with all Atlassian and third-party solutions.


Bamboo is a world-class Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment server that’s used to automate release management for software applications. Among it’s top features you’ll find automated compiling, tests and deployments – all in a single, but extremely powerful tool that integrates well with the rest of Atlassian and third-party applications alike.

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A brilliant and simple tool for business-oriented teams looking for quick results. Unlike Jira, its simplicity lets even the less technical teams to excel in work planning. Trello visualizes the project data in a beautiful way, replaces the need for email communication and lets you plan your team’s work with elegant ease.

Other Solutions


Modern incident management software.


Cloud-based system health monitor.


A Git and Mercurial desktop client.


Data Center Identity Management tool.

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