Why Announcement Feeds?

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Because every system which is advanced enough requires communication with its users, to at least inform them about planned downtimes or configuration changes – and doing it via email or static banners simply doesn’t work.

Announcement Feeds allow you to create personalized newsfeeds targeted to various groups – e.g. business users, software developers, or support team members – through which you can broadcast everything you deem necessary for everyday work.

Announcement Feeds allows changing Jira and Service Desk into the company intranet. Thanks to a wide selection of banners and notifications grouped into feeds, your employees and Clients won’t miss any important info – no matter is about an outage, system upgrade, or changes in your system configuration


Communicate Effectively

Don’t let Jira and Service Desk users ignore our messages. Configure notification source, target groups and appearance of the feed, so no one misses the important info.

Delegate Work, Save Time

Let your Jira Admin rest and delegate the responsibility to Project Leads or the Communication Team. Pre-defined Feeds will save time spent on creating messages from scratch.

Check Who’s Paying Attention

Every action taken by a user is recorded and can be used to create an acceptance report. Moreover, you can demand an answer – like “accept” or “reject”.

Display Info Wherever Needed

Feeds can be displayed in 8 various places within Jira and Service Desk. Some of the places (e.g. Full Screen) are more visible than others (e.g. Footer) – which allows differentiating between the more and less important messages.

Places in Jira:

  • Banner
  • Full Screen
  • Dialog Window
  • Flag
  • Footer
  • Project Panel
  • Top Menu

In Jira Service Desk project panel is replaced with:

  • Request Type
Display Info Wherever Needed
Customize Your News Feeds in Jira

Create customized news Feeds

To begin communicating with the users, create your first News Feed. Define, who should see it and where should it get the data from. Finally, select a place in Jira or Service Desk where your Feed will be displayed.

Delegate work, save time

Thanks to defining Feeds in advance you save a lot of time spent on configuring notifications from a scratch, which happens in Apps developed by other vendors. Additionally, instead of forcing your Jira Admin to manage a feed, you can delegate the job to someone else (e.g. your internal communication team or project lead) and save Jira Admin’s expensive time.

Manage responses, create reports

Every notification can demand an answer from the user – e.g. „accept” or „reject” upon reading changes to the Terms & Conditions. Every answer (and the fact of reading an announcement as well) is recorded in Announcement Feeds and can be easily used to create an acceptance report…

Use Cases

Company Intranet

The HR Department in a medium-sized company is looking for an effective way of communicating with its employees. The company intranet is not visited often enough to matter. Because most of the employees use Jira to perform their everyday tasks, the HR Department decides to broadcast the messages via this channel. But how to do it? Together with Jira Admin they decide to do install Announcement Feeds, configure different feeds for various groups of employees and delegate creating info to the Communications Team.

Now the employees have access to all the important info in Jira, and the HR Department has access to all necessary stats – how many people read the info, when, and what was the answer (if the answer was needed).

Technical Breaks

The IT Department of a major corporation is managing a huge Jira instance dedicated to software development. The system is quite complicated and requires regular maintenance, system upgrades, data migration and other important work, which sometimes means downtime. At the same time, the users want to be informed about all service interruptions, planned or not, because shutting down Jira or Bitbucket for 30 minutes, even after work hours, can kill their builds and releases.

To overcome this challenge, the IT Department defines various news feeds, focused on upcoming maintenance works and targeted to developers, and uses these to broadcast info about what’s planned for next weeks, allowing them to reschedule their plans or veto plans via linked issues.

Customer Service

The Customer Service of a medium company works primarily in Jira Service Desk. Its work specifics require knowing a lot of changes in the Terms of Use and Products. These changes are discussed on a weekly basis during stand-ups, but it’d be far more convenient to also have these available somewhere near the workspace. Instead of printing tons of paper every year, the Customer Service management decides to use Announcement Feeds to set up dedicated support feeds within Jira.

Now the employees can check all the recent changes directly in Jira. At the same time, Announcement Feeds allows them to set up separate feeds to the customers, showing urgent info (e.g. about working on bringing the service back up online) directly in the Customer Portal, therefore lowering the ticket count.

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Announcement Feeds is available for Server hosting only.

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