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See the plans of your team, track progress, collaborate, and discuss what has to be done in one place. With Asana acting as your work’s manager, you’ll stay up-to-date about everything your team is doing right now.

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See where work stands in a flash, identify the next steps, and quickly take action to stay on track. Use Timelines to create a plan that shows you how the pieces of your project fit together and helps you keep work on track as things change. Get real-time insight into the state of your team’s work. Gauge progress across projects. Troubleshoot problems instantly. And keep work on track—all in one place.

Don’t waste time on tedious manual tasks. Let Automation do it for you. Simplify workflows, reduce errors, and save time for solving more important problems.

Organize your work

Create and assign action items to the team. This way they’ll know what needs to get done, which tasks are a priority, and when the work is due.

Stay focused

It’s good to focus on tasks that need to be done now. Divide & visualize your work and see at which stage things are getting stuck.

Manage time

Try out how work maps perform over time. Manage dependencies, unscheduled and overlapping tasks, and create reliable work plans.

Top Features

Plan Projects with Asana

Project Planning

Use Timelines to create project plans with start dates, dependencies and other important measures to stay on track and never miss the deadlines.

Start projects faster

Use Forms to create a quick task creation process. This way you’ll be able to kick-start your project in a matter of minutes.

Create reports

Turn the advanced searches into reports using the criteria you need in order to quickly generate reports that will impress the management.

Control your work

Create private projects, manage viewing permissions, turn “comment-only” mode in order to better manage your work’s security.

Reporting in Asana

Our experience with Asana

We are a certified Asana Solutions Partner based in Warsaw, Poland.

Asana Solutions Partner


Before the implementation, customers define their requirements. We know how to implement them effectively and what components to use.


People are at the heart of every implementation. We focus on their business needs and work comfort. We focus on partnership in cooperation.


We know how important efficiency is. The Almarise team is able to maintain a constant performance, regardless of the number of users.


We stick to the principle that in business trust is more valuable than gold. Because of this, our Customers are never left without assistance.


Our offer includes training in Confluence for both the system users and administrators, at our office, at the Customer’s office or online.

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