Are you looking for the simplest way to learn about what Atlassian is, what it does, and how you can use it in your organization? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

With so many new software brands springing up every day, choosing the right software for your organization can be quite a challenge. They all seem to offer something different. If you are trying to figure out whether or not you need Atlassian software in your company and what benefits it will bring you and your team, we’ve got the answers you’re looking for.
In this blog post, we’ll take a look at what exactly Atlassian is as well as why so many businesses choose to implement it in their day-to-day operations.

What is Atlassian?

Atlassian is a software company founded in 2002 that develops products for software teams to increase collaboration and productivity. The company is most commonly known for its two flagship products: Jira and Confluence. These two products are the core of Atlassian’s software solutions for business. Jira is a project management and bug tracking software that enables businesses to organize and manage their projects more effectively with a centralized system. This can also be used for an agile workflow to track issues and assign tasks. Confluence is a content management system (CMS) that allows teams to create and share content together in one place. The system is useful for creating documentation, onboarding new team members, sharing information, and having discussions within different teams and departments.

Why Should You Use Atlassian?

There are many benefits of using Atlassian software, such as increased productivity, easy collaboration, and reduced IT costs. Atlassian’s project management software, Jira, is designed to improve the way your team manages projects. Jira helps teams to organize and prioritize their work to achieve greater results. Jira’s issue tracking functionality enables you to create tasks and track them throughout their lifecycles. This helps you to be more efficient, keep track of your team’s progress, and handle issues and bugs faster. With Atlassian’s content management software, Confluence, you can create and manage your company’s content with ease. Confluence is a hub for your team to share information and collaborate together. You can also use Confluence to onboard new employees and create documentation for your organization.

How to Get Started with Atlassian?

If you’ve read through this entire blog post and are convinced that Atlassian is the right solution for your business, the next step is to get started with it. You can sign up for an account to try out Atlassian’s software for free here. If your company is looking to buy software, there are three things to consider: The size of your team, your project management needs, and your budget. Atlassian offers software products that can be customized according to your team’s needs and budget. When choosing software for your organization, keep in mind the following: – The size of your organization – Project management needs – Budget


If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, then investing in quality software is the best way to get there. Atlassian has been helping organizations do just that for over 18 years, and it could help you do the same. Now, the ball is in your court. We’ve laid out everything you need to know about Atlassian and how it can help your business. All that’s left to do is decide whether or not Atlassian is the software for you.