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Although Atlassian solutions contain a lot of different, powerful functionalities, their real power lies in the possibility of extending them using external applications, both those available on the Atlassian Marketplace and developed custom solutions.

Almarise as a Platinum Enterprise Partner has extensive experience in both of these fields. We offer extensive experience of our developers allowing you to quickly create a functional application that suits your business needs. If necessary, we will take over the extensions created by another supplier, adapt them to the latest version of the Atlassian software and modify as required.

We will test the solutions created for your organization internally and give them ready for use, closely cooperating with your team during the application development process. We want the solutions we provide to work smoothly and without neverending bugfixes.

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Apps Focused on Information

Almarise’s specialty is extensions regarding information management in the organization. Regardless of whether it is about communication with customers, job offers or hiding key data, as a team, we strive to improve the flow of information and make our customers get more out of their competitors.

We are aware that you can drown in excess of information – to prevent this, we filter out unnecessary noise and make sure that communication is clear and audible.

App Examples

Notification multitool designed for managing notifications in Jira and Service Desk. It allows you to define news channels directed to specific groups, display notifications, create message templates and analyze the involvement and responses provided by users. The application is directed primarily to teams managing large instances of Jiry, in which teams collaborating scattered around the world or working remotely. Try Announcement Feeds for free!

An application that allows you to hide field values ​​in Jira from unauthorized eyes. It allows you to create secure equivalents of almost all custom fields, and also protects data from every page, also blocking access via the REST API or Velocity templates. A great solution for sensitive data teams. Try Secure Fields for free!

An app that changes Jira into a tool for managing the innovation process in the organization. It allows you to create intuitive and accessible portals through which users are able to submit new ideas, vote on them and discuss their implementation. The rest belongs to the decision-making Committee, which looks at the best-rated ideas, assesses them and decides whether they should be addressed. Try Idea Hub for free!

Tailor-Made Solutions

We create applications (both desktop and mobile) at the request of our clients, taking into account the entire life cycle of the program – from design through development and testing to release and maintenance. We specialize in extending the functionality of Atlassian products. Our experts code by working in agile methodologies and strive to develop software of the highest quality.

The applications we provide are integrated with the solutions selected by the customer (e.g. accounting systems or CRM solutions), we also integrate Apps with Atlassian products right away.

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