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Jira is the leading system for agile project and task management. Thanks to it, every manager can plan effectively, and the team can increase the efficiency of their work thanks to the better organization while maintaining full transparency.

Nowadays, Jira is nearly synonymous with task-tracking – its issue system has been widely adopted in countless organizations around the world, helping both the employees and management to keep the work in order.

Jira Core Cloud Board View

Jira Core ensures simple reporting of work progress coupled with extremely powerful searching and filtering capabilities. Because of this, you’ll never have to worry about browsing through emails to gain access to the project data, even if it’s ranging years back.

Thanks to the powerful assignment and notification system, each member of the project team have an insight into what should be done and when. In addition, the system ensures that each team member is up to date with the tasks assigned to him, sending reminders by e-mail and to the team messenger (eg Slack or MS Teams).

Get the Wider Perspective

Find out what is happening in the project, what is the progress of the tasks and how much time is spent by the team to complete work on the topic.

Take Care
of the Details

Statuses, comments, and attachments are easily searchable and available in one place, so you can clearly see how did the task progress.

Measure Team Performance

Monitor project status and team performance with built-in reports, dashboards and quick summaries conveniently displayed on the project page.

Top Features

One of Atlassian Jira's Killer Features - The Workflow

Customizable Workflows

Want to map your complex business processes to closely match what’s really going on when your team is working on a task? Jira is an amazingly flexible tool that can map even the most detailed and uncommon workflow. Moreover, the workflows can be expanded with conditions, validators, and post-functions that can trigger further automated actions or limit the task’s progress until another task is completed.

Different View on Tasks

With Jira Core, you can keep track of your tasks on customizable boards, dashboards, and lists. These can be created per project, for several projects at once, for project-based or cross-project teams, and even for individual users. All of this is done in a secure way, with all the respect paid to the set permissions.

Powerful Reporting

Thanks to Jira Query Language and the built-in reporting module you’ll be able to visualize your data with ease. Search using all the issue fields, filter the data as you wish, select the assignees and reporters to further narrow down your queries. Instead of searching for data manually, pasting it to the MS Excel and then working on it, just create a query and Jira will do the rest. You’re welcome!

Atlassian Integrations

You can easily integrate your Jira with Atlassian Confluence (the enterprise wiki and knowledge base solution), Atlassian Dev Tools like Bamboo (the Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment multitool), or Bitbucket (the enterprise Git client), and hundreds of third-party Apps available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Jira Offers Many Ways of Reporting Data

Your process, your know-how, your Jira

Instead of adjusting the business process to the software, adjust the Jira system to your needs. Use one of the templates or create your own unique workflow diagram. By defining the process, the team will be able to easily track the progress of the tasks.

The boards will allow you to quickly find out about the current situation of the project, and reports and dashboards will help the management make the right business decisions.

Jira Workflows are one of its Most Powerful Features
Track KPIs, analyze and report SLAs

The perfect solution for business

Jira Work Management allows for the cooperation of various business teams, regardless of whether we are talking about the marketing, operations, human relations, legal or financial departments. Workflow templates, task types and sample custom fields are prepared for each of the listed ones.

If necessary, the Jira administrator is able to create additional fields, modify the task view as needed, and the project manager can adjust the permissions in accordance with the security rules of the organization.

Customize, extend, integrate

Jira is a system that is completely open to changes. Starting with the API, ending with freely available source code. Do you want to integrate your company’s systems with Jira or add additional functionalities to it? Nothing simpler, just use one of the available extensions or create your own.

Atlassian Marketplace hosts over 1000 Jira extensions including:

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