Business Processes (Back Office)

The capacious concept of Back Office hides the whole of business administration, from accounting, through finances to staff. These are the specialists necessary for the functioning of every major organization. However, the success of a coordinated and effective Back Office doesn’t rely on great employees only. Clearly defined and well-functioning business processes are necessary. Thanks to good practices used in the Back Office, customers better evaluate the brand and business teams gain a valuable source of information about customer preferences and behavior.

It is worth remembering that although a good Back Office is almost invisible to the client, it greatly contributes to his positive experience, which translates directly into sales success.

Business Processess (Back Office)

Audit of Business Processes

On request, experts from Almarise and our sister company Promity can audit business processes in your organization, identify their weaknesses and suggest ways to improve them. We will show where the bottlenecks are, and where can automation prove the most effective for the whole process of relieving employees from unnecessary work. We will work to compile the results and publish these in the form of a clear report and – if necessary – help in the implementation of solutions resulting from the audit.

How do we do it?

Thorough Jira Customization

Your Jira should not only be a simple task-tracking system. We’ll help your team utilize its power and customize it to fit your business processes.

Custom Atlassian Apps

If there’s a custom solution needed, we’ll gladly provide it – no matter if it’s a tough integration to be done or a more sophisticated app.

Back Office Audit

By searching for pain points and looking for improvements we are able to improve your overall Back Office experience.

Implementation of BO Analytics

A huge amount of valuable information goes through the Back Office departments every day. The problem is that in many organizations this information is not subject to any analysis, and it is only developed when there is a problem in the operation of the company. Our proposal is to implement data analytics from the Back Office to be able to use the information advantage in everyday operations.

By tracking trends related to even the operation of a support department, you’ll catch trend changes faster than your competitors, and constant analysis of data from accounting will reduce your operating costs.

Automation and Optimization

Front Office departments are usually much more automated and optimized than Back Office departments because they generate profit. However, the implementation of automation in the Back Office translates into much better management of operational costs, increases efficiency and improves customer experience related to your organization, making them more likely to come back to it.

Automation also benefits the internal customer – resignation from paper documentation, simplification of procedures and their transfer to the network as well as a clear and understandable way of processing requests, which means that the time to solve the problem is significantly reduced – primarily due to the reduction of organizational chaos typical of traditional office management methods.

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