Creating well-functioning software is a complicated process, especially for dynamic web applications that are subject to frequent updates and changes. The use of appropriate working methods and the use of iron discipline, however, allows you to keep it in check and ensure continuity in the release of new versions of the application without hindering the lives of our clients.

To achieve this, it is necessary to change the way of thinking and functioning of the organization, integrating development (Dev) and operational (Ops) teams. Only in this way is it possible to fully cooperate and understand the process by both parties.

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What is DevOps?

DevOps is the answer to the growing interdependence between development and operations. It is a model of cooperation between programmers, operations, and support, ensuring the active participation of all teams in providing new versions and allowing for fast and efficient software development. It combines continuous integration, continuous monitoring, and continuous release. It uses automation tools such as Bitbucket, Bamboo, FishEye, Crucible, SonarQube, Ansible, Git, Jenkins, Docker and Kubernetes.

DevOps is a methodology, but also a change in the culture of the organization’s functioning, thanks to which it can constantly improve its product and increase the efficiency and productivity of its teams.


Cut Time to Market

DevOps allows you to dramatically reduce the time to release. Thanks to this, customers won’t have to wait for months for new functionalities, which means greater profits.

Pay Less for Infrastructure

Thanks to the use of cloud-based infrastructure and efficient and mutually integrated applications, monthly IT maintenance costs will become substantially reduced.

the Risk

The release & development of a new version is always a risk. DevOps allows you to control these and quickly undo changes if things go awry.


If your organization often releases new versions of the software or implements many changes in production environments, DevOps will allow it to do it quickly and maintaining the highest quality standards. It is particularly needed in industries such as banks, media, telecommunications, and e-commerce, where ensuring the continuity of application operation is key from the point of view of customers.

Internet giants such as Flickr have the physical ability to support up to 10 implementations of new functionalities per day without disturbing the system. To achieve such results, the maximum automation of manufacturing processes is necessary. Therefore, DevOps is also associated with methods such as Continuous Deployment and Continuous Delivery, allowing development and maintenance teams to automate a large part of their work through specialized applications.

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