Why SLA PowerBox?

SLA PowerBox

Simple Service Level Agreements can be managed by Jira Service Desk itself, but complex agreements – containing various support levels, multiple exceptions, and conditions – cannot be managed using simple tools. It’s even more important when your team provides basic support in Service Desk but reports the consulting jobs in Jira Software.

SLA PowerBox allows overcoming all these challenges. Thanks to calculating SLA time based on events (instead of Jira statuses) the admin gains almost infinite configuration possibilities, allowing him to precisely translate the agreement’s legal lingo into a business process in Jira Software and Service Desk. All you have to do is to report to your Customer and issue invoices for your services.


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Display SLA Clocks in Service
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Multiple SLAs

No matter how many, no matter how complex – SLA PowerBox can handle it all.

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SLA Clocks, Reports & Analytics module will help your team

Manage as many SLAs as needed

SLA PowerBox lets you create as many agreements as needed and to define as many metrics and goals as necessary. Even if your SLAs are so complex that your legal department spends long weeks getting them into order, you’ll be able to model them in the system. All the goals will be measured independently, according to custom-defined criteria. And if your customers use custom calendars – that’s also not a problem. Our tool manages it without a problem.

SLA PowerBox Lets You Do Magic
Track KPIs, analyze and report SLAs

Track KPIs, analyze and report SLAs

Thanks to the SLA clocks, employees in charge of resolving the tasks will easily see how much time do they have until the SLA time is breached. Color codes allow to easily see what’s the SLA status of an issue, and in case of any audit or reporting work needed, you will be easily able to show what was the SLA history, and the analytics & report module will let you discover weak points in your delivery process and simple creation of complex monthly, quarterly and yearly reports.

Use Cases

SLA Monitoring in Customer Portal

SLA Monitoring in Customer Portal

Customers of a company providing IT services outsource its tasks through the Customer Portal in Jira Service Desk. It is true that they do not complain about the quality of service, but managers often hear that employees have no idea how long it takes for their task to be completed. Some have complained that their report was not received on time – and post-fact SLA analysis shows that everything was on time.

To prevent such situations in the future, managers want the SLA status along with the clock to be available on the ticket screen in the Customer Portal. The easiest way to achieve this goal is to install the SLA PowerBox. As a result, customers can see on an ongoing basis whether the support team still has time to complete their task or whether the deadline has been exceeded a long time ago.

Measuring SLAs in Jira Software

Measuring SLAs in Jira Software

The corporation employs employees from the same company to maintain a large system. Some of these employees work in the Jira Service Desk, but a certain group are highly specialized specialists who conduct consultations and do not log into the Service Desk. The corporation would like KPIs to be measured for both groups, preferably using the same tool.

The SLA PowerBox comes in handy, allowing you to implement the SLA in both the Jira system and Jira Service Desk. In addition, it allows you to configure various goals, metrics and SLAs, so that the KPIs for the support team and the development team providing consulting services may differ from each other. All reports and summaries have the same form because they are generated by the same tool. Complete success!

Complex SLA Agreement

Complex SLA Agreement

Imagine a company performing fast, specialized repairs and maintenance works as field operations, often without a stable internet connection. Every day the engineers print their issue cards from Jira and then start their journeys across different locations, filling the Jira cards with hours and signatures.

By the end of the day, the team inputs the data into Jira. Thanks to SLA PowerBox’s “negotiated days” feature, such work can be precisely reported in accordance to the real-time it took, and every satisfied customer ends up with a solid, monthly report with service listing and time spent on each task.

This is only a small glimpse of non-standard agreements SLA PowerBox supports, including negotiated dates, variable calendars or on-call notifications.

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