Looking for a way to improve security in your Jira instance? Check out these 5 great Atlassian Marketplace apps which can help you in achieving this goal.

1. GDPR (DSGVO) and Security for Jira

The introduction of GDPR rules caused some chaos in the IT industry. Thankfully, vendors came forward with solutions. GDPR app is exactly one of these. It allows you to get the user’s consent, manage the right to erase, find and monitor personal data (emails, phone numbers, credit card numbers, etc.) and anonymize the user’s data.

It also allows for monitoring access statistics and permissions, resulting in a clear history of who (and when) gave the user particular permission. Perfect for large instances with multiple admins.

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2. Secure Fields for Jira

Secure Fields is a set of security-enabled Custom Fields, which allow hiding data from certain groups of users. The administrator can set separate field permission schemes (similar to standard Jira schemes).

The app allows users to set different permission schemes for viewing custom fields, editing custom fields and viewing history. Moreover, access from all data access methods is secured – there’s no way to view the field value via API.

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3. Issues Toolbox

An app that allows (among the many) to set Issue Security level immediately, and not after the issue is created (a standard behavior for Jira). Based on the group or role the reporter belongs to, the security level can be selected automatically.

Regular expression-based security level selection is also possible, utilizing the group and/or role names. As for such inexpensive App, it’s quite a gem. It’s also updated relatively frequently.

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4. K-SSO SAML Kerberos OAuth for Jira

Kantega SSO is the most advanced Atlassian Marketplace solution for Single Sign-On topics available. With easy configuration and all the most popular SSO methods covered, it’s really an industry leader and the best enterprise solution that you can pick.

Moreover, it’s also available for Bitbucket, Bamboo, Confluence and FishEye / Crucible, and the Kantega SSO team is one of the swiftest and most professional teams we’ve ever met. K-SSO remains a highly recommended app.

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5. Comment Security Default

Simple, yet powerful security App which allows you to set the default security level for comments or change the color of the comment field to highlight visibility. The settings can be applied globally for all Jira projects or at the project level.

The restrictions can also be set for Jira Service Management. It’s a really useful tool when you don’t want the users to accidentally read the Support Team’s comments.

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