Potential users of Atlassian software often wonder about the costs of purchasing and implementing JiraConfluence or Trello. In this article, we will briefly answer the question “How much does Jira cost?”.

Is Jira free?

Yes, Atlassian offers free versions of Jira for small teams, in the case of Jira Software and Jira Work Management the limit of the number of users is 10 people, and for Jira Service Management it is 3 Service Desk agents (with the number of users who send requests still not limited). Free Jira also has other limitations, such as a relatively small amount of disk space (2GB per application) or fewer possibilities to adjust permissions, but in small companies that do not have hundreds or thousands of tasks a month, it is a very good starting option. The Atlassian Cloud offer also includes free Confluence or Trello for free.

Jira price for larger teams

If our needs go beyond free Jira, we have two hosting models to choose from, which in total give four different price options:

How much does Jira in the Cloud cost?

In this hosting model, we have a choice of 3 variants that differ in price:

Jira Standard – a variant with very large possibilities, but aimed at slightly less demanding customers who do not need unlimited data space or advanced automation. Its price starts from USD 5 per user per month (for Jira Work Management), through USD 7.75 per account/month (Jira Service Management), up to USD 21 per month for the Service Desk agent.
Jira Premium – here you can do (almost) everything. Advanced Roadmaps mechanism in Jira Software, resource management in Jira Service Management, unlimited disk space or global automation. The Premium plan also gives you the option to run an additional test instance (the so-called sandbox), to which you can automatically copy production data to test the planned changes. Jira Premium starts at $7.75 per user per month for the Software edition and goes up to $47 per agent per month for Jira Service Management. Jira Work Management is not included in the Premium plan.
Jira Enterprise – Rolls Royce among Atlassian products. It is no longer a single application, it is the ability to create any number of instances, the best SLA, or the built-in Atlassian Access mechanism. It costs more than Jira Premium, but if one instance isn’t enough, then the Atlassian Enterprise option is for you. The minimum is 801 users, and the price starts at $86 per year per user (monthly payment is not available on the Enterprise plan).

Atlassian has prepared a price calculator that allows for the initial valuation of applications in the cloud. You can use it here.

What is the price of Jira Data Center (on-premise)

The Data Center model is designed for slightly larger organizations that want to host applications themselves. Here, the costs of infrastructure, installation, and maintenance of the software are borne by the customer. At the same time, it gains full control over the environment, the ability to run behind a firewall, or even unlimited ability to adapt the system to the needs.

Jira Data Center is always purchased in user packages that start with 500 accounts for Jira Software and Confluence. The minimum number of Service Desk operators for Jira Service Management is 50. In total, the costs are USD 42,000 per year for 500 Jira Software Data Center users and USD 17,200 per year for 50 Jira Service Management Data Center agents. On a per-user or per-agent basis, this equates to $7 per user and $28 per agent per month. Of course, this is only an estimate. Functionally, the Data Center model is equivalent to the Premium version in the cloud model. It has both a mechanism of unlimited automation as well as Advanced Roadmaps and Assets modules.

Jira Cloud vs Jira Data Center – cost comparison

If you hesitate between the Cloud and Data Center versions and need more than a large number of users, then the price of the software itself should be one of the many selection criteria. The total cost of ownership (TCO) also includes elements such as infrastructure costs, maintenance of own administrators, etc. In terms of price, Jira Data Center is between the Standard and Premium versions in the cloud. For example, for 500 users, the annual payment for Jira Software Data Center is USD 42,000, while for the cloud version it is USD 31,500 or USD 51,000. So it is almost exactly in the middle of these two values ​​found in Atlassian Cloud.

Annual or monthly payment?

In the Cloud model, you can choose the frequency of payments, because it can be a monthly or annual model. In the monthly model, you pay a bit more per user, but you gain full flexibility (billing per account, depending on usage in a given month). The annual model for a slightly lower price (you pay for 10 months and get access for the whole year), allows for a little less flexibility in terms of the number of accounts.

Since Jira Data Center is always purchased on an annual basis, you don’t have that dilemma here.

Where to buy Jira cheapest?

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As you can see, the answer to the question “How much does Jira cost?” it’s not very complicated. However, for those less familiar with subscription software sales models, this may seem like a complex issue. However, remember that Certified Atlassian Experts in Almarise will help you find the answer to this question. And they will do it for free :)