The Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Service Management Platforms 2022, which ranks providers of IT service management platforms, has Atlassian at the top spot! Atlassian doubled down on the IT service management market three years ago, and the first service management solution unlocked high-velocity service teams. Last year, Atlassian made its debut as a “Visionary” on The Gartner Magic Quadrant for ITSM Tools 2021. We believe that this validation of Jira Service Management’s distinctiveness and popularity in the IT service management market is justified by Atlassian latest recognition as a “Leader.”

What are the benefits for Atlassian Partners?

More Chances: Being a “Leader” on The Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Service Management Platforms 2022 implies that Jira Service Management will crop up more often in the selection process for technology, which results in more chances for Atlassian Partners.

Market Recognition: For IT decision makers, Gartner’s accolade puts Atlassian in a positive light as a solid vendor with a comprehensive solution that is a reliable enterprise alternative to traditional ITSM tools.

Dealing with Warnings: Partners can make use of the possibilities to deal with the elements listed by Gartner as “warnings”. Partners can provide account management, customer service, and collaborate with customers from different sectors to customize applications according to the requirements of their business.

Atlassian has been recognized as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for IT Service Management Platforms 2022. The company has been striving to provide a sole platform that links together development, IT operations, and business departments. Jira Service Management is the only platform that brings together all service teams, hastening the process between them, whilst simultaneously granting teams the capability to embrace a service-oriented attitude and furnish outstanding experiences for customers and employees. In terms of new customers, Jira Service Management has been the fastest growing product for two years in a row among the vendors evaluated. As of November 3 2022, it has more than 45,000 customers, ranging from small businesses to those with over 5000 licensed users. Atlassian has been able to upgrade its ITSM platform quickly in several areas like form design, conversation, and configuration management. Particularly, the purchase of Percept.AI has made it feasible for native virtual agent features to be on the short-term plan. Furthermore, Atlassian has a special outlook of the ITSM platform marketplace, which is backed by its development experience and centered on product-focused ideas, federated ITSM models, and collaboration.

Difficulties  Atlassian’s solutions
Atlassian’s account management initiatives are mainly geared towards major, more significant accounts. Smaller customers have indicated dissatisfaction with the nature and access of account management, implementation services, and customer success support. Strengthening its account management and customer success is a priority for Atlassian and to make sure customers of all sizes have a good experience, the company has given all paying users access to its cloud support team. Furthermore, Atlassian is working to enlarge its account teams to provide service to more customers.
Additionally, Atlassian’s focus on DevOps has not filled the spaces in its Jira Service Management product when it comes to standard IT support. The solution still lacks some essential capabilities, like the capacity to provide comprehensive multichannel engagement and reporting. These deficits will constrain the vendor’s capacity to take the place of existing ITSM platforms among more advanced customers. Atlassian is investing in R&D at a higher rate than any other ITSM platform provider, and many other SaaS companies. We are merging this investment with our history of obtaining acquisitions to add value to our platform, aiming to offer a suitable alternative to traditional ITSM platforms that is tailored, adaptable, and extendable for the requirements of corporate clients.
Atlassian places a lot of emphasis on customer service and satisfaction, especially for their larger and smaller clients. However, a limitation of Jira Service Management Cloud is that it does not currently offer HIPAA or FedRAMP compliance, meaning that industries such as healthcare and the government must buy more expensive Data Center licenses for their on-premises deployments. Atlassian posts potential features and abilities on its public roadmap and are always eager to receive feedback from customers regarding functions or platform advantages. JSM is anticipated to be HIPAA compliant by 2022 and the Data Center solution is available for those that need a more secure deployment. They are continuously seeking out certifications for their Cloud products.