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Automation in Confluence: Tips & Best Practices

Confluence offers the user a lot of different automation features centered on organizing content, like labels, sub-pages, excerpts, page properties etc. But these are only as good as the weakest link. If the user misspells or forgets a label, the page can no longer be easily accessed. Learn the Best Practices on how to

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How to Integrate SLA PowerBox with EazyBI to Create Amazing Reports

The question about integrating SLA PowerBox with EazyBI is re-appearing on both CoreSoft Labs and EazyBI communities. Not all users know that the integration is already possible thanks to the SLA Metric Attribute Custom Field. Here’s how to set it up. Introduction EazyBI is one of the industry leaders when it comes

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Duplicate Content in Confluence – Why and How to Avoid It?

It’s not uncommon for Confluence users to create copies of your pages to display the same content in different places. In the long run it creates more problems than it solves, though. Why are duplicates a problem? The answer is pretty short – it’s all about maintenance. If you need to correct

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Managing Page Security in Confluence – Restrictions, Permissions and Automation

Confluence – thanks to its flexibility and ease-of-use – is a crucial content storage tool for many organizations. While managing security is often not an issue in small companies, large enterprises need to differentiate access levels and keep sensitive information out of sight. Unfortunately, this is the moment in which Confluence’s built-in security features

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